Shiley Acres is an outdoor concert venue located in Inwood, West Virginia.  For 40 years Shiley Acres has seen many local and national acts grace it's stage.  Visit this web site often to keep up to date with concerts and events at the venue. 
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Saturday, May 20th, Clutch returns to Shiley Acres with the FIRST ANNUAL EARTH ROCKER FESTIVAL.

"This Spring we will be hosting the first annual Earth Rocker Festival. It’ll take place in Shiley Acres, West Virginia. We played at Shiley Acres last year and it was a real blast. Our intent is to have a really diverse bill. If all goes as planned, Earth Rocker Festival will continue as an annual event, hopefully growing in scope over the years.”

Lineup includes:
The Sword
Bad Seed Rising
Apollo's Prophecy
School of Rock
Tickets will go on sale this Friday at

This is the final art work for the Earth Rocker Festival. tickets are currently on sale on line.  Just click the tab above.  Don't forget to print your tickets out when you order them. Regular tickets will be at all the outlets around the middle of next week.   For all camping questions and our menu for the festival just go to our "more info" and "camping" pages
pretty reckless
seven dust
super bob 2
theory of a deadman 2
defending cain
bad seed rising