Rules at Shiley Acres

Back in the “Good Ole Days” of Shiley Acres there was one rule. No Glass Bottles. For good or bad, times have changed. We simply are not allowed to run in the same manner that we did back then. So, the standing rules for Shiley Acres will be listed here, though they are subject to change based on artist requirements.

  • + No food can be brought in. Food vendors are here and we strive to keep rates reasonable. We have beer and beverages available . Only one water bottle per person is allowed in. This is a result of people sneaking alcohol in disguised as water.
  • + No cameras. Most national acts have a no camera clause in their contracts. Cell phones are allowed.
  • ​​​​+ For the first time, we will be allowing pop-up tents 10X10. There will be a designated area for tents. Umbrella’s will be allowed if it’s raining. Chairs or blankets are allowed.
  • + No coolers
  • + No backpacks. Purses or hip packs are allowed but are subject to search.
  • + Due to recent events all people may be subjected to pat downs before entering the grounds.
  • + If you leave the grounds you must pay to re-enter. This rule is a direct result of problems at previous shows.
  • + No alcohol served to anyone under 21. You must get your ID checked and receive a wristband before purchasing alcohol. Anyone caught giving alcohol to a minor will be forced to leave immediately.
  • + Age limits vary by show but MOST show ​​​​​​​​will be all ages with anyone under 16 needing an adult present. All children 12 and under are free, must be accompanied by an adult, and as always, parental discretion is advised.
  • + Credit cards are accepted at the gate for admittance as well as for beer and food.
  • + No tailgating. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​When the show starts, everyone has to come into the concert arena, Anyone that does not, will be asked to leave.